Friday, August 22, 2014

In Pursuit of Beauty

Florence, Italy
When traveling to Europe, people have different approaches to their journey. Some people make sure to visit all the big cities, some follow the history or the art or the food. I appreciate and enjoyed all of that to be sure, but my guide was a bit simpler -- I was in pursuit of beauty, of loveliness in its broadest sense. In this quest I did not fail. There was the pure aesthetic beauty of cities such as Paris and Prague, there was the creative beauty of Berlin, the untamed beauty of Slovenia, the barren beauty of Scotland, and cheerfully colored towns in Ireland. 

Traveling by train and by foot are the best ways to see the world and I was lucky to be able to do both through Europe. Below are a few of the beautiful things I witnessed...

Annecy, France
Countryside of Ireland
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Barcelona, Spain
Hvar, Croatia
Berlin, Germany
Wolfgangsee, Austria
Budapest, Hungary