Sunday, October 26, 2014

Squiggly Squiggy

The multiple personalities of lil' Squiggy. This little champ ran 3 miles with me this weekend! Snaps**

Sidenote: so I've been meaning to get an Etsy store for a while now. I'm not great at doodling but I really like it and I like making money so it's a win-win. I'm also a big fan of my puppies so I named it after them, The Squiggly Bee. There's a few more steps til it's live, but I threw together a quick vector draft/logo/banner/thingy and we're running with it until I sit and think hard.

Peace, love, and pumpkin ravioli,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tunnel Vision

Gray skies, freezing temperatures, blizzards and unending darkness trigger my endorphins like nothing else. Maybe I just secretly feed off everyone else's misery like a reverse Dementor. Maybe I've got a drop of vampire blood in me and the sunlight is just chowing on bits of my flesh little by little. Maybe I'm a cold blooded reptile– part Godzilla, part T-Rex. Soooo many DNA tests to do! 

New tangent: I got great credit. put me in the excellent credit score category which is a pretty, dark forest green. How do I leverage this awesomeness to convince someone to hire me? Perhaps a 'P.S. If you hire me, I can co-sign a loan with you and we can split a Porsche 911. I call Tuesdays & Thursdays!' (See how I gave them an extra work day -- 3 instead of my 2? Subliminal messaging, they won't be able to resist!)

Any who... my dogs are demanding a demonstration of my superior canine walking abilities (resume skills section?) and I can't resist a chance to peacock.

Till we meet again,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alaska | Behind the scenes....

Behind the scenes of the Alaska portion of the illustrated resume...

©2014 Marie King

In the Summertime...

An iPhone's perspective on the end of Summer 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

An Illustrated Resume

Now that I'm getting into the job search once again, I decided to try and spruce my digital resume format up a bit this week. Tweaks still to be made but this took oodles of hours so my brain now needs to decompress at the gym. Let me know what you think!