Monday, December 2, 2013

Darksome Nest

© 2013, sketch #3, MK
O what a warm and darksome nest 
Where the wildest things are hidden to rest! 
It's there that I'd love to lie and sleep, 
Soft, soft, soft, and deep, deep, deep!
—Elinor Wylie

My body aches from climbing up and down snow covered hills, the chill hasn't yet left and my soul is weighted with a heavy fatigue... it's the kind of fatigue that comes with a satisfying few days of manual labor. Unintentional though it was, the holiday from hell, which peaked with the complete loss of water Saturday, was more satisfying than a thousand days behind a computer screen. From making many a trip for snow to melt over the fire, to freezing fingers off getting studded chains onto tires, to sharing your hearth with forest mice, to late night conversations in belly-up snow-stuck cars in the middle of a deserted white wood... it was a cold weekend that warmed my heart. I don't think there's anything more beautiful than tracing the veins of marshmallow covered trees across the dark lavender skies. 

Hoping y'all had a lovely, sleepy Thanksgiving, 

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