Friday, October 17, 2014

Tunnel Vision

Gray skies, freezing temperatures, blizzards and unending darkness trigger my endorphins like nothing else. Maybe I just secretly feed off everyone else's misery like a reverse Dementor. Maybe I've got a drop of vampire blood in me and the sunlight is just chowing on bits of my flesh little by little. Maybe I'm a cold blooded reptile– part Godzilla, part T-Rex. Soooo many DNA tests to do! 

New tangent: I got great credit. put me in the excellent credit score category which is a pretty, dark forest green. How do I leverage this awesomeness to convince someone to hire me? Perhaps a 'P.S. If you hire me, I can co-sign a loan with you and we can split a Porsche 911. I call Tuesdays & Thursdays!' (See how I gave them an extra work day -- 3 instead of my 2? Subliminal messaging, they won't be able to resist!)

Any who... my dogs are demanding a demonstration of my superior canine walking abilities (resume skills section?) and I can't resist a chance to peacock.

Till we meet again,

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