Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where I learned to breathe...

Lately, I've seen a lot of these beautiful water pictures and decided to try. So I went out for my last swim in Lake Michigan this summer and brought my trusty camera. 

Sunset is my favorite time to swim. In September, the water tends to be clear and as the sun sets, little dots of gold sparkle down the backs of the waves that you can see when you're just below the surface. I often wish I never had to resurface. Most people dislike the cold September water- I'm often the only one in the water for miles but I love it. It's a small reprieve from the heat that eats at my mind. The coldest water pools down at the bottom, near the sands on calm days and I like to sink and lay below and slowly float my way up, watching the blurry, fluffy clouds come gradually into focus until I finally surface. 

The water is the one place I can really clear my mind and just be 
and thus the words above on the photo. 

I took about a million photos on this very last day of my summer. I held the camera just above the waves and we moved together up and down capturing all the different colors of the sleeping sky and the textures of the water. It was one of the perfect moments that will forever be etched on my heart. 

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