Thursday, December 13, 2012

Newton's 3rd

Life is one big contradiction, compiled of a billion little contradictions: live with passion, savor the moment; love fervently, trust carefully; be one with nature, embrace technology; celebrate our diversity, ignore our differences; etc, etc, etc.

I find it hard to determine my priorities in this mess of choices. Nothing is black and white, everything good comes with something equally bad- positives and negatives always seeking to balance each other out. That is nature- that is the human race. To be alive is to be pulled in every which direction.

I started my college years as an International Studies major and every course I took demonized globalization- providing example after example of the adverse affects it was having on various nations and cultures. It was horrifying to say the least. And yet, even with this knowledge, I can't help but feel lucky to live in a world where I could meet and become dear friends with people from all over the world. How lovely it was to sit in a class with Germans, Koreans, and South Africans and learn about their perspective. How fortunate I am to be able to read French literature, study German architecture, watch Bollywood movies, and eat Thai food. Newton's third law doesn't apply to physics alone. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Globalization is both a curse and a blessing. Technology is both liberating and binding. Love is both joy and pain.

I love collecting quotes and there are a million wonderful, eloquent phrases in support of all these opposite philosophies of life- which is what set me off on this tonight- but perhaps the best way to understand and carry on is by finding solace in the old truism- you can't know joy without knowing sorrow. Something can only be understood in context of what it isn't.

Life is about finding balance. It is meant to tear you apart, so that you can put yourself back together with the full knowledge of both who you are and who you choose not to be. 

With all my joy, 
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