Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Wild Youth

© Marie King 2013

I love soft dreamy words... stars, universe, woods, lost, youth, wilds, adventure, wonder, infinite, rupture, innocence, delicate. They turn my insides into goo. I suppose they are rather in vogue right now... I hope they stay that way forever. 

"There will be no edges, but curves.
Clean lines pointing only forward."
—Tracy Smith

Also, while we're on the topic of soft, dreamy words, I just read a wonderful book of poetry titled, Life On Mars, by Tracy Smith. It was everything I was looking for, more than I imagined, and profoundly touching. I suggest you at least take a gander at the cover... it's exactly as it should be. 

Bonne nuit mes amis,
faites des beaux rêves!


P.S. Hoping everyone on the east coast is staying safe and warm post-blizzard! 
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