Saturday, February 23, 2013

Up the Rabbit Hole

Hi guys! First, Happy (belated) National Margarita Day! 

Second- I'm sorry I've abandoned you. I've been re-working my life. I was going through my library the other night and found this tiny, little book snuggled into my self-help section (please don't judge- I just love how self-help books make you feel like Superman(woman) when you read them) that I've never seen before. It was written back in the 80s (and it looks the part- slightly yellowed paper, neon lettering, comic-style cover) and has completely changed my view on life. It's called 'Doing It Now.'

I've always been a major procrastinator (especially in my personal life) and several years ago I was diagnosed with ADD. It's been a challenge to deal with since I stopped taking the medication (I was told organic was in and of course to be a hip, trendsetter, you need a fresh, sizzlin' drug-free brain; check 'er out boys ;) ). 

But anyways- FOCUS, MARIE! - I found this book, right? I don't know how it snuck into my library or where it came from, but I was feeling miserably unfocused and it was happily sitting there when I most needed it. I read one chapter before I fell asleep and the next day I woke up completely re-wired (at 5 am in the bloody morning! who just basically climbed Mount Everest? ME!). I cleaned my entire room, yoga'd it up, dressed up in some fancy threads for work (I work from home, so my usual outfit consists of sweatpants and old college t-shirts -- boy were my dogs impressed today), made myself an awesome b-fast, and took said dogs out for a stroll through the urban jungle. That night, I gobbled up one more chapter of the book before bed and the next morning, with a clean room, I started re-writing the beginning of my novel. And so it has continued – each day I check more and more things off my list. I'm a-blaze with energy; I'm a shooting star, the atomic bomb, the big bang! I'm alive!

I feel so much better! I can't tell you what this weird, little 80s books has done for me. Perhaps I was just at the right place in my life and this book wouldn't have worked otherwise, but it is the little miracle I always needed.

Climbing up the rabbit hole,

P.S. Anyone else go to the Chicago Auto Show this year? How about those minivans, eh!? Just kidding... kind of. But seriously, that new Corvette Stingray was absolutely luscious (and will be available at a Chevvy near you this August!).

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