Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Awakening

You ever get an email on Friday or Saturday that just ruins your weekend? I feel like I get one every Friday, on the dot. It haunts my dreams, steals my smiles and weights me with dread. I really have to lighten up, huh? 

Anyways, there's nothing that de-stresses like the Michigan coast -- the land of clear skies, lush earth, sandy beaches and endless waters. 


My Michigan favorites: 

Beach runs

Skipping stones for easily-impressed children

Sunsets and starry skies

Wireless headphones for kayaking and washing puppies

Palisades Park and summer cottages! 

Not tipping over in the kayak and dying of hypothermia! 
A wet suit is officially on my birthday wish list. 

Climbing sand dunes and rolling back down


There's nothing like a little manual labor to get your mind off of your electronic woes. Opening cottages is never a fun task, especially when you're playing housekeeper to the winter visits of frisky rodents and cleaning up dead spider carcusses that you bug-bombed in the Arachnid War of 2013. But we trudged through-- a little sweat, a lot of dirt and cobwebs, and giant bloody blisters from raking a fall forest's worth of leaves down the dunes. Cottage 2 of 2 is officially ready for summer cocktails, late night giggling, outdoor showers, and the crisp, upbeat licks of alternative 80s music spilling out open windows for all the forest to grove along to. 

It's incredibly satisfying to not have to depend on others to get a job done. No middle men. No computers. No 21st century worries.  

Sand dust and lake smoke, 

P.S. Dear Midwest -- watch out for the lime-disease infested, creepy crawlers-- a.k.a. the tick! I just pulled 25 of those nasty little, blood-sucking, egg-laying heebee-jeebees from my little puppy. 25! It's a world record for gross-ness. I'm probably exaggerating their evil powers in this blurb, but when you have that many in one go, it just makes you want to molt (I've been watching too many cicada videos at the gym this evening -- I think my fellow treadmillers were a bit put off; anyways...good luck to the Eastern states this season -- you might want to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones).  

Photos © 2013 MK
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