Friday, February 8, 2013

Smarts & Hearts

Why do we think glasses make people look smarter? There's an awful lot of idiots out there with glasses. They correct your eyes, not your brain. I mean reading glasses- that's another story. These people clearly know their A's from their Z's. When someone busts out their half moon spectacles in your vicinity, you know shit just got serious. But when it comes to the average near-sighted, glasses wearer- well the assumption befuddles me. Admittedly, I myself am a hardcore offender - give me someone in glasses over contacts any day. Amiright?! The sight of intelligence (even pretend) always manages to lifts my spirits considerably.

I managed to lose my own glasses in one of my classes junior year and have never since gathered up the energy to go to an eye doctor. The tides are a-turning though; two and a half years later, in true procrastinating form, I'm finally getting around to it. My dad can finally stop yelling at me for stealing his for the occasional Thursday night, self-absorbed photo shoot... his are pretty dashing though, no?

Smarts & Hearts, 
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