Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What the time? What's the place?

Back in the days of my childhood, when I lived in the city- up in Lakeview, this was the church we used to go to. St. Alphonsus. I'll never forget walking in the freezing, cold Chicago winds to go on Saturday night. My dad would always buy us pie afterwards from the art-deco Greek restaurant across the street. 

I stopped in recently and there was still a waitress who worked there when I was a little girl and the small 13" tv above the diner that we used to watch the Bulls on (in the days of Jordan). Back in the day, we'd all go to the Golden Apple- my friends and their parents- after a school event. We'd be running around and staring at the pies going round and round in their glass case.
All the good times... how fast they went by.

Photo: Marie King ©, Chicago, March 2012
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