Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Are Alive

For years, I've been scared of walking alone in dark forests, especially the November nights with their overcast skies and screaming winds. I have a very over active imagination and it often ends with supernatural killers and my death. But lately, I've been going out every night into the wild, concealed world and have felt utterly at peace. 
The stars have a special diamond quality to them- sparkling more than ever through the murky atmosphere.And though the screeching winds make me wary, their touch is soft. Never do the air feel so tangible as when they are thick with cold.
The winds are a playful thing and now I imagine they howl not in fear, but in delight. 

Fall exposes the trees, and you can trace the veins as they reach up into the night sky. They remind me of a neuron cell, sending and receiving messages. In summer, the trees soak up the secrets of the earth and reveals them to the universe on little slips of leaves.  But when the cold sets in, the universe whispers back of other worlds and soft colors and swirling bursts of light. The trees take note and send it along to the ground below, so as to inspire the flowers to bloom and the grasses to grow when the warmth returns. The trees are the guardians of the ages; they are the messengers, the chain between the earth and her heavens.

 The crisp, cold nights are no longer a source of fear- they are a source of joy- boundless, infinite and perfect. This is the time for the self to give way to the world. These are the moments one should go out just to remind themselves that they are alive. 


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